Alentejo Mastiff

Portuguese Breed

Noble, Courageous, Protector.

The Alentejo Mastiff is a molossus, large, strong and with a rustic appearance. The head resembles that of a bear, with strong, muscular jaws. The nose is broad and dark. The eyes are dark and smooth-looking and the ears triangular and drooping. The neck is short and strong.

Herding dog and fearless guardian.

What is known is that this breed has been used to move sheep from the mountains of northern Portugal to the Alentejo plateau and back to the mountain. Due to changes in agriculture and livestock, and the elimination of large predators, the breed ceased to have economic use and began to decline. Breeders, however, have been able to keep the breed alive.

Its high level of vigilance and audacity make Alentejo Mastiff an excellent watchdog, especially at night.

Alentejo Mastiff